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    In this section, the following slides will provide you the basics tips for your French experience in Grenoble.

  • Life in Grenoble

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    Flat or residential student place ?

    It is easy to find a place to live here - but the priority is to have a cool localisation between your school and the city center. Many real estate companies are present in the city to help you through these researches, but they may be expensive, and sometimes they are not very honest. A really cool alternative is to find yours in the following website : http://www.leboncoin.fr, where you will have the possibility to contact the apartment's owner.

    Another alternative is to choose one of the many residential students places, all across Grenoble, you will have all the information needed in the following website : http://www.estudines.com

    You said free money ?

    We can help you into all the process to create an account to a French bank. Nonetheless it will help you through all your spendings, assurances, and monitoring your accounts, our partnership with the first bank of the country, Société Générale, allows you to enjoy 50€ for free. Who said that the French were stingy ?


    For more information, please contact Robin Sande, "Team" section.

    Grenoble by night

    If you are brave enough, you can try some of the nocturnes outings in Grenoble. Some places such as La Belle Électrique, the Drak-Art and l'Ampérage will offer you a unique electronic experience, with loads of artists during the year and many after-works.


    Nevertheless, you will discover a huge number of bars with all kinds of different themes for wines amateurs or beers amateurs.


    Seriously, you thought about coming back home on week-ends ? You will not even have the time.

  • Partners

    Some friends of us..

    Société Générale


    As said before, this French bank allows you to enjoy 50€ for free when you create an account with the BIE. It will ease your transactions to own a French account, don't even hesitate to ask a form to Robin Sande.


    Soon he will be your BFF

    This start-up created by students allows you to facilitate your transactions between you and your friends. Moreover, we use it to do our parties' sales, it allows you not to keep cash on you.


    APP STORE : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/

    PLAY STORE : https://play.google.com/


    The best place to eat ?

    Because we are what we eat, you should be able to eat to the best fast-food here in Grenoble. You will always find someone you know at this indian place, where any meal will please you.

    • address : 14 rue Brocherie, 38000 Grenoble.

    Le Tord-Boyaux

    Best wines at the best prices

    A wine bar in a wooded place, where happy hours and live sports on TV are a perfect combination for a perfect party. The owners are kindly and always happy to present you their different products.


    • address : 4 rue Auguste Caché, 38000 Grenoble.
  • The BIE

    Well, we hope it is your favorite.

    Our group

    It is nearly 50 members that compose the association, in order to prepare every aspect of the activities' semester, from every school of Grenoble INP. You can recognize them with their grey sweatshirt and their BIE logo on it. Every year, it is a new entire team that remplace the former one, but the main activities are the same, as tradition, and the Oktoberfest is one of these.

    Our motivation

    You guys, Erasmus students, double degree students, admitted on title, you are the students that want to explore the most of the Alpes' lifestyle during your semester. We are here to give you the first push, and the first tips to begin your French life in Grenoble. And we want you to have to best experience of it.


    Be ready !

    Join us ?

    We are in a constant evolution and having the possibility to recrute Erasmus students is a force. If you are interested to help us through the process of creation of events it would be a pleasure to meet you.

    If it is the case, send a email to Robin Falcone or Quentin Sollier.

  • Team

    Don't even hesitate to contact these guys for anything.

    Robin Falcone


    • phone number :  +33 6 32 39 54 14
    • em@il :                 robin.falcone34@gmail.com
    • school :                ENSE3

    Quentin Sollier

    Vice President

    • phone number :  +33 6 58 03 64 10
    • em@il :                 quentin.sollier@gmail.com
    • school :                ENSE3

    Robin Sande


    • phone number :  +33 6 16 70 82 05
    • em@il :                 robinsande29200@gmail.com
    • school :                ENSE3

    Sylvain Le Roux

    Vice Treasurer

    • phone number :  +33 6 66 72 02 19
    • em@il :                 sylvain29.leroux@gmail.com
    • school :                ENSE3

    Paul Hautefeuille


    • phone number :  +33 6 70 58 08 23
    • em@il :                 paul.hautefeuille1@gmail.com
    • school :                ENSE3
  • What we do

    We will always be around you, with you.


    Welcome in France

    Either you join our engineer school in September or in January, many activities will be purposed to help you integrate with the many Erasmus and French students in Grenoble.

    Parties, week-ends in France or abroad, and visits, the list isn't limited and any purpose can be realized.


    Shall we begin ?

    Our members are at your service to help you at the time you arrived in Grenoble. You may have received a pick-up form, which will help us to come at the Gare Station and drop you at your place.


    You didn't received the pick-up form ? 

    > Send an email to Paul Hautefeuille, "Team" section.


    If you can get up in the morning

    You have the possibility to assist to some french class before your semester in the Grenoble campus, from any INP engineer school.


    For any help needed in your course, you can contact the BIE.


    Because we love week-ends

    During your semester, we will organize one entire week-end of partying. The previous ones where the Oktoberfest in Germany and a full ski week-end in the Alpes.


    Where would you go this time ?

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